Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crystal Jade Kitchen at Parkway Parade

Once in a while, Mrupupup would like to sit down in a Chinese restaurant and eat. Mrupupup tried out the Crystal Jade Kitchen at Parkway Parade shopping mall at Marine Parade. Mrupupup had the tender steamed chicken, special simmering soup noodles and pomelo drink.

The chicken dish was very good. The meat was tender and marinade with a special sauce. Mrupupup ordered the very last chicken for the day. Lucky Mrupupup. Price $14.50 per steamed chicken
Special simmering noodles soup with seafood, large prawns and char siew meat. The noodles was in a soup bowl of shark fin's soup (without shark fin). The soup got other ingredients like fish, squid, char siew and mushroom. Totally enjoyable and a special taste to Mrupupup. Noodles soup costs $12.80.
All the food was paired up with a good glass of refreshing pomelo drink. Take note the drink is sour and sweet. Pomelo drink was also a good detoxing agent. Very nice at $1.50 per glass.
Ok, Mrupupup was happy to eat at Crystal Jade Kitchen located at 80 Marine Parade Road #B1- 17 Parkway Parade.

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