Monday, November 10, 2014

Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Train Travel Tip Travel Log

Senior Lim's photo.
Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Train is a very pretty train. Mrupupup took the Shinkansen a few times and it never fails to amazes Mrupupup.
Mrupupup on this day took the Shinkansen to travel from Tokyo to the northern cities of Japan. Once inside the cabin of the Shinkansen, one would be in awe of the cleanliness of each seat. The cabin was also absolutely so 'peaceful' once the train pulls off from the platform. The bullet train would travel at speeds of 300km/hr. However, one would not feel the speed but the steadiness of the ride.
In the cabin, Mrupupup would look out the window and see the wonderful country side and built up areas of Tokyo. Mrupupup would be fascinated by Japanese society with its neatness, peace, zen and orderliness. Even in the Shinkansen train, one should not talk in a loud manner.
Zoom. The ride would take one to another city in 30mins. Before you knew it, you are ready to alight from the train. Oh, the music of the station stopping could be very melodious. How Mrupupup wished Singapore had such a melodious tune when the MRT stops?
Zoom. The train would be off to the next station. Be warned Shinkansen waits for no one, either you be on time, if not you need to wait for the next train (if there is one). Everything in Japan is order and so is Shinkansen train schedules. Shinkansen comes at 8:18am at the platform means it would come at 8:18am. Be on time!
Cheerios! Mrupupup.... Zoom away!

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