Saturday, April 18, 2015

Panasonic Cooking Workshop

Mrupupup got invited to attend the Panasonic Cooking Workshop held at Panasonic in Bedok South area. The workshop was fun and learnt new trick for cooking. The cooking demonstration showed a lot of Panasonic cooking things like microwave oven, bread maker and blender, all useful for easy cooking at home.

Good tips from the workshop:
1. Never use a metal plate/bowl in microwave oven which will cause sparks and spoil the microwave oven
2. Use yoghurt and milk plus fruits and mix in the blender to make a wonderful smoothie drink
3. You can cook an egg in the microwave oven by wrapping in aluminium foil and place the wrapped egg in a bowl of water to boil.

Great day - enjoyed freshly made bread, buns, yam cake and nice herbal chicken.

Thanks Panasonic and Channel U!


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