Saturday, August 15, 2015

Watanabe Coffee Singapore - Japanese Cafe in Orchard Road

Watanabe Coffee place is a Japanese theme café with Japanese style coffee and desserts. If you like matcha 'green tea' stuff, well this is the place to enjoy matcha and plenty of desserts. Watanabe Coffee opened at Shaw Centre Orchard Road on the ground floor, just next to Isetan Scotts. The place also sells spaghetti, matcha pudding, ice cream, matcha parfait and Shibuya bread toast.

Mrupupup ordered the Japanese matcha green tea latte and their swiss roll filled with coffee and caramel. Both orders came up to about $15. The cake and green tea latte were alright. Quite expensive for dessert and coffee, but you are in Orchard Road so expect prices to be steep. Watanabe Café décor looks like a warehouse. Do take note the place gets crowded and try your best not to sit under the spotlights which made Mrupupup hot and uncomfortable in the café. The spotlights were located at one corner of the café. Super bright spotlights!

Anyway, enjoy your day at Watanabe Café and enjoy listening to tourists talking among themselves.

Matcha latte - $7.80
Swiss Roll Cake $8.20

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