Monday, September 10, 2012

Au Chocolate @ Marina Bay Sands

Au Chocolate is a new French theme food store. The bistro sells all things 'French' inspired. Mrupupup has been to France and this 'Au Chocolate' place at Marina Bay Sands Singapore gives me nostalgic feelings. The bistro is located at Level 1- 03, above the skating rink. Mrupupup was impressed by the deco: got dog as a mascot/logo, got a train hovering above, fire place, beautiful art drawings, nice tiles and the wait staff wearing French hats. Very nice! The food was great too. Mrupupup had a very thick hot chocolate, chocolate cake (big piece!) and lemon meringue (very sweet and well done!). Oh one more thing, the next door to the bistro sells lots of confectionery items likes sweets, ice cream and chocolates. Mrupupup enjoyed Au Chocolate place and took many photos! Viva France! Tres Bien!

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