Sunday, November 16, 2014

Alfero Artisan Gelato at Orchard Gateway

Alfero Artisan Gelato at Orchard Gateway #B02-06 got the most yummy Gelato Ice Cream on the island. With a voucher for $5, Mrupupup tried out the Gelato at Alfero Artisan Gelato.

Mrupupup looked at the various tubs of Gelato. The tubs were chilled and hidden inside those tubs were various flavours of Gelato. There were flavours of hazelnut, durian (premium), chocolate, berries and many more.

As we were trying to match the flavours for two scoops, Mrupupup ordered the Matcha Green Tea and yuzu flavours. These two flavours - one sweet (matcha) and the other a bit sour (yuzu fruit). The combinations was yummy and smooth. With the voucher, mrupupup paid only $0.90 of the $5.90 price. Mrupupup also had a nice seat inside the shop which was crowded on a weekday night. People were just chatting over the Gelato and having a good time.

Oh, taken from the table-note about Gelato as compared to normal ice cream, Gelato contains all natural ingredients which gave a richer & smoother taste and had lesser fats than ice cream!

Have a good Gelato day everybody!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 Trophy Tour

Mrupupup attended the AFF Suzuki Cup Trophy Tour at the Kallang Wave Mall. It was superrrr cool to see the AFF Suzuki cup up close and check out the Singapore Lions. Four-time champions Singapore’s defence of the AFF Suzuki Cup, South-east Asia’s Premier Football tournament, commences in just 9 days in the National Stadium, from 22 November 2014 onwards!
Well, Mrupupup met the Singapore Lions National team players who will play key roles in the defence of the Cup as well! The matches that Singapore will be hosting are going gto be exciting, as the Lions will be facing fierce rivals Malaysia and Thailand. The Lions will also be taking on Myanmar, who is led by ex-Lions coach Raddy Avramovic.
Mrupupup is part of the defence! #BeTheRoar!
Check out the photos and video of the event at Kallang Wave Mall with the AFF Suzuki Cup and the Singapore Lions! Plus bonus appearance of the percussion group Rhythm De Passion!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Train Travel Tip Travel Log

Senior Lim's photo.
Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Train is a very pretty train. Mrupupup took the Shinkansen a few times and it never fails to amazes Mrupupup.
Mrupupup on this day took the Shinkansen to travel from Tokyo to the northern cities of Japan. Once inside the cabin of the Shinkansen, one would be in awe of the cleanliness of each seat. The cabin was also absolutely so 'peaceful' once the train pulls off from the platform. The bullet train would travel at speeds of 300km/hr. However, one would not feel the speed but the steadiness of the ride.
In the cabin, Mrupupup would look out the window and see the wonderful country side and built up areas of Tokyo. Mrupupup would be fascinated by Japanese society with its neatness, peace, zen and orderliness. Even in the Shinkansen train, one should not talk in a loud manner.
Zoom. The ride would take one to another city in 30mins. Before you knew it, you are ready to alight from the train. Oh, the music of the station stopping could be very melodious. How Mrupupup wished Singapore had such a melodious tune when the MRT stops?
Zoom. The train would be off to the next station. Be warned Shinkansen waits for no one, either you be on time, if not you need to wait for the next train (if there is one). Everything in Japan is order and so is Shinkansen train schedules. Shinkansen comes at 8:18am at the platform means it would come at 8:18am. Be on time!
Cheerios! Mrupupup.... Zoom away!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Parkway Parade and its guests

Wow, Parkway Parade was really busy today. Mrupupup thinks Parkway Parade is an evergreen mall with few competitors on the eastern part of Singapore.

Today, Mrupupup wandered around Parkway Parade. The old shops were still there like Giant, MPH, Photography shop at its basement, and the many fashion shops. Mrupupup kind of missed the food court, after the renovation, the whole place is now taken up by 'boring' Food Republic. The old food court of Parkway Parade had Mrupupup's favourite mee rebus and herbal jelly stall.  Kind of missed that food stall. Singapore has too many 'Food Republic' food courts, kind of boring.

Anyway, Mrupupup went to eat at Putien. The Putien had very good wait staff and they were a courteous bunch of people. The food ordered Putien dry Bee Hoon and Lor Mee were as usual simply yummy. Mrupupup always wondered how this Heng Hwa Chinese type of food had some form of attractiveness to the style of cooking that one must go to savour it.

Yaoz, do you know across the East Coast Park Expressway, there is a new place called Parkland Green. This new place got many stores like St Marc Bakery, yoghurt shop, stores selling bicycles and skates and many more! Check out Parkland Green and the place has many parking lots!

Anyway, have nice day. Good night!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

On a rainy day of feelings and happiness

         On a rainy day, Singapore's night became cooler. Thanks for the rain. The smell of fresh rain coming through the 'pigeons holes' of my lodging refreshed my soul and injected new perspectives of vigour.

          Mrupupup wondered the fresh rain of this night's tropical storm would it helped people in troubles? Hopefully, rain brought new feelings of hope to people in hospitals, special homes, sad homes or a lonely hawker needing to wake up early.

         There was much to think about. Singapore covered in rain and the morning would bring happiness to her people with coolness and freshness. Anyway, rains springs out much reflections in Mrupupup's brain.

        Pit-pat-pit-pat, the rain hits on the window pane. Good night.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Famous Jeju Female Divers Singing

Mrupupup went to Jeju Island, South Korea. Along the coast of Jeju Island, there are female divers that dive into the waters off Jeju Island to bring fresh catch of fishes, sea cucumbers, oysters and all sorts of fresh seafood. The female Jeju divers are tough and capable to dive in deep waters with just basic equipment.

Along the way, Mrupupup managed to catch a group of female divers singing and serving their fresh seafood to their customers. The singing was spontaneous and the Korean people were so happy. Pretty impressed with their lives and happiness all around in the video clip below.

If got time, do travel to Jeju Island to enjoy the beauty of this island.