Friday, August 30, 2013

Yakiyakibo Teppanyaki Restaurant

Mrupupup totally enjoyed this Yakyakibo Teppanyaki Restaurant at Nex Mall (#B1-78) . They served up Japanese Teppanyaki food and was delicious!

Mrupupup ordered two Teppanyaki sets. Surprisingly, the Teppanyaki 'cooked' bean sprouts came first. Mrupupup kept on eating the bean sprouts! Never knew bean sprouts could taste so nice!

1. Teppanyaki Marmite Pork ($16)
The taste was unique. The Teppanyaki infused the pork with marmite sauce. The pork was very tender and went very well with a bowl of soft and delicious rice. The set also came with bean curd cooked teppanyaki style, slices of oranges and miso soup.

2. Oyster teppanyaki style ($12 with rice set)
First time ordered oyster cooked in Teppanyaki style. If you don't like the taste of oyster, don't order this. However, if you are crazy over oyster omelette, do try teppanyaki oysters which were cooked very well. Do add a bit of chilli flaks to lessen the strong taste of oysters.

Video of Teppanyaki Chef in action

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ilo Ilo Movie Premiere at Singapore Marina Bay Sands Theatres 爸妈不在家

Mrupupup attended the Gala Premiere of Ilo Ilo  爸妈不在家. Great acting from the cast and very honest portrayal of a family life in Singapore. Ilo Ilo won the the Cannes Award 2013 for Director Anthony Chen, the very first Cannes Award for Singapore. Mrupupup felt proud to watch the movie Ilo Ilo and Singapore has great talents! Good Job! This is what I call a gala premiere with the Singapore President gracing the occasion at Marina Bay Sands Theatres. The event also had many celebrities : Glenda Chong (TV news reader), Ivan Heng (Director for dramas/plays), Pierre Png (TV actor), Eunice Olsen (famous celebrity) and many more.

Ok, enough names dropping, go watch the Ilo Ilo movie which opens in Singapore on 29 August 2013 and be surprise to see the Singapore in the 1980s and 1990s. Enjoy!

Ilo Ilo Movie Premiere at Marina Bay Sands Theatres
Cast and Director Anthony Chen
French House of Remy Martin giving Director Anthony Chen a gold plated bottle
1 year baby daughter birthday of Actress Yeo Yan Yan
The famous Cannes Award given to Ilo Ilo

Movie Gala Premiere whereby the President is the Guest of Honour
Cast gave a speech after the standing ovation for the movie
Movie Director Anthony Chen
Cannes Award
Celebrity Glenda Chong - TV News reader
Huge Crowd for the Gala Movie Ilo Ilo

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Percy Jackson :Sea of Monsters - Movie Premiere

Mrupupup attended the movie premiere of the new 3D movie Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters at Shaw Lido Theatre. The movie was an adrenalin rush because it got many action scenes. Mrupupup felt the movie was ok and more suitable for teenagers. The story is about a young boy with greek god super power and his friends trying to save the world. The movie got many special effects.

Percy Jackson is like a Harry Potter and would not be able to die. Percy Jackson would travel to an exotic location of where there is a special cloth named as Golden Fleece and try to steal it away from a Cyclops (one eye monster) in order to save a young lady which was protecting the village from destruction. The whole story ended on a positive note and no good guys die.

The move will release in Singapore on 29 August 2013. Have fun watching the movie and enjoy the action scenes.

Movie trailer

Jollibee ChickenJoy in Singapore

Mrupupup on one fine weekday evening walked to Jollibee to try out their popular chicken and other fast food items on the menu. The Jollibee Singapore is located at Lucky Plaza #06-048A (at Orchard Road). Ok, the queue was crazy but not as crazy as it first opened. Mrupupup queued for about half an hour during that evening.

This Jollibee Singapore outlet is said to be the busiest outlet in the world. Jollibee is from Philippines and has established over 800 outlets in the world. Well, the food seems appealing to everybody. Mrupupup tried the ChickenJoy consisting of two pieces of chicken, pack of rice and potato sauce ($6 plus), spaghetti (apparently it is quite famous and popular) about $4. Both food items came with a soft drink. The chicken was good, tender and not too oily (like KFC) and quite juicy. Mrupupup also first time tried chicken meat with rice, normally eat chicken with french fries or mashed potato. The spaghetti was interestingly sweet and nice but the portion was quite small.


Well, verdict on Jollibee - food is pretty ok and like normal fast food. Jollibee also served up burgers, ice cream, steak and others. If you ask Mrupupup, well Popeye's fried chicken is better.

Do try Jollibee only you have free time to queue for the food and don't go on a Sunday the crowd will be crazy!

Jollibee Mascot

Long Queue between 7pm to 8pm on a weekday

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Laser Quest Team Building Session

Mrupupup attended a team building session using Laser Quest. Wow, really fun to do shooting using infra red weapons. First time laser tagging people! Really fun hitting targets behind tall cushions and moving targets. Great way to build team bonding by working as team to accomplish the missions.

The laser quest weapon was heavy and one needs to wear a 'tag' of red bulbs around the head. Once you got hit, the laser gun would announce "Man Down, Man Down!" If you hit somebody, the weapon would signal "Good Hit!"

One needs to hide behind large cushion 'boulders' & engage in the mission to
overcome the other team.
If possible, do wait patiently and don't get hit.
The Centre of Performance Transformation (CPT) team at NSRCC (located at Changi Coast Road) went through the safety rules for Laser Quest. Mrupupup liked the CPT team and they could be quite humorous in giving out the instructions.
Need to be patient and aim well!
Very cool for Laser Quest game. Nice design weapon!
Game on!
Really fun Laser Quest! Will do it again if possible!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

LG Pocket Photo Printer - Review

Thanks to LG. Mrupupup got to try the newly launched LG Pocket Photo Printer.

Good points of LG Pocket Photo Printer
1. Very light weight - about a mobile phone weight - 215g
2. Easy to carry with a pouch
3. Can use Bluetooth, NFC technology and wireless printing. Use smartphone.
4. Zink's inkless printing technology which touts longer image
5. Small image print out which was cute
6. Resulting printout measures 5.1 x 7.6cm (that is, 2 x 3-inch), which is perfect for sharing and displaying
.6. Great photo apps to touch up & need to download app "LG Pocket Pinter" from Google play store or apple store
7. Two colours - Silver or pink
Not so good points
1. Installation took some time
2. Cannot figure out the different colour lights on the side of the pocket printer
3. Image was good but can be clearer
4. Not cheap - $199 for LG Pocket Printer from stores & pack of Zink media photo paper for 30 pieces costs $15 ($0.50 per piece)
- Good to use but not a cheap printer. More pluses than minus! Overall - Ok
Video on using LG Pocket Photo Printer

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Egg Tarts from Fancy Delight

Mrupupup going to tell you a store where it sells egg tarts. Fancy Delight sells all sorts of egg tarts which come in many flavours: strawberry, apple cinnamon, banana, durian, orange chocolate, kiwi and many more. Mrupupup went to the Nex mall at level 3 near to NTUC. Shusssh, don't tell people that the egg tarts are nice. The egg tarts comes with wholesome soft sweetness with many flavours and the crust tasted good. Think don't eat too many egg tarts, too many eggs for the week means high cholesterol. Mrupupup likes the orange chocolate egg tart!

Another secret - Fancy Delights sells the egg tarts at a much cheaper price of $1 per tart  between 9pm to 10pm in order to get rid of stock for the day. A money saving tip! If cannot wait, just get one egg tart at $1.40 or better still just get a box to share. Yummys!!!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Old Kim Guan Curry Chicken and felt like home cooked meals

OKG Express - Old Kim Guan served 'home cooked' Chinese food at Nex Mall, #01-58 (near to UOB Bank). Indeed, Mrupupup felt that OKG Express lived up to their tag line of  "the good old taste of home cooking".

Mrupupup tried their curry chicken, preserved vegetables with pork, lychee lemon tea drink and chin chow drink. Mrupupup got to say one thing - OKG served up very nice and fragrant rice. Without excellent 'fluffy' rice, chicken curry would not taste nice no matter how good it was. Well, with very good rice, the chicken curry ($5) was a good match with tender chicken wings and curry sauce that  was not too spicy. The 'Mei Cai Kou Rou' - preserved vegetables with tender pork slices ($3.80) went well with the chicken curry. Mrupupup felt like some person's mother cooked at home for the two dishes. Mrupupup preferred the chin chow drink ($1.80) over the more expensive lychee lemon tea ($2.80) for it was a bit too sweet (think OKG used canned lychees for the drink).

Well, the combination of dishes was very nice and enjoyable, just like eating at home. Don't eat alone, eat with family, a friend or loved one and savour the taste of Old Kim Guan's 'home cooked' dishes like pig's trotter, pawn noodles, vegetables, yao mei rice, curry noodles and many more. Yummysss!