Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Four Fingers Crispy Chicken at Ion Orchard

Wooo Hoooo. Mrupupup ate Four Fingers Crispy Chicken. It was very nice. Mrupupup ordered the Chicken Sandwich Bun and Chicken Burger combo set meal which came with a drink and french fries.

The Four Fingers Chicken Burger came with seaweed flavoured French Fries, lettuce and crispy chicken meat with soft tender buns. It was served in a mess tin! So army style! The crispy chicken mixed very well with all the flavours in the mess tin!

The Chicken Sandwich bun came with an interesting fried up bun like those type of bun used with eating Singapore chilli crab. I think Four Fingers pretty great in mix the flavours. The Chicken Sandwich combo set came with fried up bun, cripsy chicken meat and KIMCHI!!!! Amazing first time eating western burger stuffed with Korean kimchi. Well, the founders of Four Fingers just took this Korean style fried chicken from New York streets and brought it to sunny Singapore. Mrupupup ate the Four Fingers in Ion Orchard food court at Basement 4 and each set meal costs about $10. Take note the waiting time for your chicken meal might take 20-30 minutes.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Choon Seng Hng Restaurant

Mrupupup went to far far away Chua Chu Kang to eat at Choon Seng Hng Restaurant. Ok, not very far lah, if one drives in tiny Singapore. Choon Seng Hng Restaurant is located at Chua Chu Kang IT College West school premises - 1 Choa Chua Kang Grove #02-02. The food served up were mainly Chinese dishes. Food was pretty good and Mrupupup had a big crab claw! Good thing was the place was quiet on a weekend, no crowd! Mrupupup would just introduce the dishes ate on that day at Choon Seng Hng restaurant. Loved the chilli crab! Yummy!

Tofu served with minced meat - quite nice
Slices of abalone
Longevity noodles
Sea cucumber with mushroom - nice
Snapper fish
Herbal chicken
Prawn roll and meats
Beautiful buns for the chilli crab
Huge Crab Claw! Very nice
Look at the chilli!
Pudding for dessert
Liked the mango pudding

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Domino's Pizza New Menu Launch Event with OMY

Thanks to OMY Blog Club, MrUpUpUp got to attend Domino's Pizza New Menu launch event at Domino's Pizza Kovan Branch at 943/945 Upper Serangoon Road. Mrupupup loved to eat pizza and was happy to try out their new pizza menu. Wow! Mrupupup tried 8 different flavours of pizzas ranging from alfredo prawn, beef, chicken and so many pizzas. Mrupupup also loved their very yummy chicken wings, nuggets and awesome chocolate lava cake with lots of chocolate sauce oozing out from the cake. Enjoyed this OMY event and talking to pizza eating OMY bloggers. Do try out Domino's pizza as now got offer of two regular pizzas at $22! check out the photos! Thanks once again to Domino's Pizza and OMY team for the event invite!

Waiting to start - hungry
Pizzas are here!
Bloggers just love to take pictures and forget about eating
Delicious chicken wings
All reserve
Happy blogger
Marketing Manager showing the new Pizza menu
More photos please!
Showing the oozing of chocolate lava cake
Enjoy the pizzas - got 8 pizzas!
Happy Omy Bloggers with Domino's team
Latest pizza offers

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kkongdon BBQ Barbeque

MrUpUpUp had a wonderful time at Kkongdon BBQ at Djitsun Mall @ 5 Ang Mo Kio Central 2 #01-06. Never knew Kkongdon BBQ served a great barbeque time. Kkongdon BBQ has 70 branches in Korea and 4 in Singapore. MrUpUpUp had a beef and pork set at $12.80 ++ per person. Had a fun time grilling the beef and pork. The set also came with free salad bar, unlimited servings of lettuce and bowl of sweet & sour soup. Mrupupup loved the taste of BBQ beef and pork on the piece of lettuce. Mrupupup had so much vegetables today that it was a personal record of eating vegetables in one day (haha!). The Kkongdon staff at Djitsun mall was good and they even changed the BBQ plate after it had too many black stains from grilling the meats. Yummy! Very nice lunch! The outlet opens daily from 11am to 10.30pm

Video of grilling meat

Friday, July 12, 2013

Creamier Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor

For this week, Creamier cafĂ© and ice cream place made Mrupupup happy! Creamier served up one of the best handmade ice cream ever tasted in Mrupupup's life. Creamier is at a secret location in Toa Payoh. Just kidding, will share the location. Creamier is at 128 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh. Mrupupup tried out the handmade berries, orange vodka cranberry, chocolate and Horlicks flavour. Each flavour varies in price range from $3 to $3.40 per scoop and $5-$6 for two scoops. Mrupupup felt that the ice cream are of high quality using the freshest ingredients! Mrupupup tasted every single mouth full of ice cream and enjoyed every bit of it! Mrupupup loved the orange vodka cranberry flavour which had a light refreshing taste! Yummy! The place also had a nice decorative touch using many arts pieces. Do enjoy a day out in quiet solitude in Creamier with a single scoop of ice cream in hand. Nice!


3M Post-It - Lotsa Posts-It from Focus Group Discussion

Mrupupup was invited to attend a 3M Post-It Focus Group Discussion on their new product to be launch in Singapore. After the focus group discussion, the kind people of 3M gave each participant so many Post It products. Mrupupup first time encountering so many Post-It products. The products range from Post-It in all sorts of designs, Post-It pens, Post-It Dispenser and many more! The goodie bag was estimated to be worth $150 of Post-It Products! Ok, Mrupupup does not need to visit the stationery shop for Post-Its for a long, long time. Thanks 3M Singapore! Love 3M Post-It!


Old School Delights at Upper Thomson Road

Old School Delights at Upper Thomson Road is a place where they serve food with decorative memories of school days. Mrupupup was at Old School Delights for the second time. The food was nice. Mrupupup had nasi lemak with very nice chicken wings, otak,  tender pork chops rice, Bandung rose syrup drink and lime juice. However, Mrupupup thinks the food prices were expensive. A meal could costs $10- $15 per person. For example, the nasi lemak costs $7.80, $10 for pork chop rice and drink ranging from $4 to $5. Fortunately, the food was nice, except for the otak which Mrupupup felt was left too long on the shelf and tasted not too nice. Anyway, enjoy your meal and have a look at the nice decorations of  'old school' in this eating place.

Bandung Rose Syrup drink
Pork chop rice
Nasi Lemak