Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bunnies Bakery

Bunnies Bakery sells breads- soft and nice breads. So far, I like egg mayo, salty bean and chicken floss flavoured bread. I can not figure out why the bakery is named as 'Bunnies'. Maybe the bread they make everyday is soft like bunnies. The Bunnies Bakery is located at Eu Tong Sen Street - People's Park Centre near to the Macdonalds outlet. Eat the bread while warm, very nice!

Cheese and Chicken Floss Bread

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Xing Hua Family Restaurant

Loved this restaurant known as 'Xing Hua Family Restaurant'. This eating place sells Chinese 'Putien' cusines which are enjoyed by the 'Xing Hua' people who live in the eastern part of China. Well, there are many Putien type of eateries in Singapore. There is one 'Xing Hua Family Restaurant' located at Blk 102 Towner Road which offers value for money Putien dishes.

The Favourite- Mee Hoon Putien style fried with seafood

Rice Cakes

Fried Fish - Very nice

Oysters and Eggs

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard Road Singapore

Wow, there was a super cool Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard - fashion parade in the heart of Orchard Road Singapore. The famous Orchard Road was closed to traffic for various models to 'walk' their fashionable clothes. It was super cool! Many people lined up the street to see the models and the clothes were nice. Very exciting Singapore! Check out the photos & videos of the beautiful models and event.

Balloon girls

Getting ready for the fashion show

Citroen Car- Sponsor

So many people in Orchard Road

One Camera Shot

The 'coolest' guy model

In front of LV Store Ngee Ann City

Easy pedalling along

Modelling in front of Orchard Wisma Atria

Nice Green Dress

All the road to themselves - Modelling

Ok for the girl fans of Mrupupup's Blog - Super Male Models

Cameraman you are in my camera

Model in front of the police car - Nice

Videos of the Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard

Saturday, March 17, 2012

iLight Singapore Festival

There is an interesting iLight Festival held in the Marina Bay Area in Singapore. Took some photographs of the interesting light formations. Also saw battery operated kites flying in the area. Took a video of their fancy kite flying formations in the sky. Enjoyed and had fun looking at the kites. The iLight festival would end on 1 April 2012 and the light formations are on from 7.30pm to 11pm.

Video of kite flying in formation

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tontei Pork Restaurant - A Happy Meal

Yaoz! Went to this Tontei Pork Restaurant - Nex Mall @ Japanese Food Hall, Basement 1. Well, it was a happy meal of pork dishes. Had a big set with udon noodles, salad, steamed egg japanese style, slices of pork to dip into soup - 'shabu shabu' style, oden soup, orange slices, dessert of ice cream, tonkatsu oysters and tonkatsu pork.  Got a nice interior deco for this place. Arigato! Yums!

Nice Piggy! Nice bamboo deco!

the set can share by two people!

Oysters - done up!

Ice cream - scoops of sesame, vanilla and green tea
with crispy cereal bits

Row of Sake bottles!

Chocolate Origin - Chocolate Cakes!

Oooomm. Loved chocolate cake! Went to this Chocolate Origin shop at basement food hall of 313@ Sommerset to buy their 'bitter' dark chocolate cake for A's birthday. Very nice cake, especially those chocolate lovers who like the bitter chocolate taste. Think their presentation is clean and neat for a chocolate cake shop. The shop also sells the original chocolate flavour cake (less bitter) and their smaller lava cake. Chocolate Origin has one other outlet in Changi Village.

The Shop @ 313 Sommerset

Original or Dark?

Peek at the bitter chocolate cake

Nice cake - Yums

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lower Pierce Reservoir Park

Lower Pierce Reservoir Park, which is located in the Thomson area, is a nice and peaceful park. Took a stroll along the trail and recorded images of people, animals and activities in the park. Love coming to this park because it is really serene, and one can find very interesting wildlife in the secondary forest and broadwalk areas. Do take a walk and do not feed the monkeys!

Monkey on the Broadwalk

Dragonfly on a tree branch

Dam like structure - Very old I guess

Biscuit King Shop

Loved to go to a shop located in Casuarina Road (Singapore) named 'Biscuit King'. As the shop name implies, it sells all sorts of 'old style' biscuits. Well, for biscuit lovers, the store is like 'heaven'. Bought one packet of pineapple jam filled biscuits, which cannot be found in shopping malls. Check out the photos, biscuit lovers!

Tins of biscuits- all sorts of flavours

the store also has small packs of biscuits

Love the colourful biscuits

Jam filled biscuits

Chiew Kee Soya Sauce Chicken Noodles

Had a nice plate of soya sauce chicken noodles at Chiew Kee chicken noodle house in Upper Cross Street. We also had a bowl of dumpling soup. Chicken noodles & dumplings were very nice, not expensive and loved the traditional feel of this coffeeshop. The chicken noodle shop is near to Chinatown Point, Singapore.