Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin - the movie

Well, Tintin is back on the movie screen. Totally enjoyed the cartoon movie. The movie was filled with lots of action pack adventures and favourite actors like Tintin, Snowy the dog and Thomson the police inspectors. Super fun movie. 'Blistering Barnacles' as the Captain Hendick will say! Steven Speilberg did a great a great in recreating the sceens from the cartoon book. Nostalgia of childhood - Tintin.

Puss in Boots Movie

Super cool cat Puss- is back in his own cartoon movie. The cartoon movie was nice. Love the dancing and Spanish flavour to it. Never knew Humty Dumpty the egg can be so evil in this movie.

Singapore Science Centre

Visited Singapore Science Centre. The Centre got lots of children running around. The Singapore Science Centre is a classic attraction. If you like science, do check out the place located near to Jurong East Central.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Terra Nova TV Series Event

Well, I did survive an overnight promotion event for the opening of the new TV show Terra Nova. Memorable night because I slept among the dinosaurs exhibit in the Singapore Science Centre.

Do check out Terra Nova - the most expensive TV series created by Steven Speilberg.

Check out the Terra Nova video below:

Terra Nova Event - Singapore Science Centre Dinosaur Exhibit

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eye in the City Photography Exhibition

The Eye in the City Exhibition showcased various photographs taken on the last day of 2010. Interesting photographs of Singapore and Singaporeans. The exhibit took place in Jurong East Library. Had my photos exhibited before but not this time round.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Taiwan Lai Lai food and Ichiban $5 tea set

Taiwan Lai Lai restaurant ( at Nex) lunch time 1 for 1 promotion had nice fish, cabbages, century egg tofu and pork slices with rice. Good prices during lunch time. The best part is that they serve Bubble Tea with the lunch set ! About $6-9 per person.

Ichiban Sushi $5 tea set (till 5.30pm)- got nice soba noodles with  fried chicken nuggets or with beef slices. The best part was the nice rice balls that come along with the set.

Art installation

Saw this Art piece/ art installation along Singapore Turf Club.
Very nice.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Outward Bound Singapore

Visited the Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) because I won a small photography contest. OBS is located on an island called Palau Ubin. The place trains future leaders and holds corporate events for companies wanting their staff to learn leadership. OBS is a peaceful place and useful for youths to learn more on leadership.

The boat to bring us to OBS. Nice blue sky!

OBS chalet. Clean and well maintain.

The Jetty at OBS.

The rice was execptionally soft and nice!


Singapore Night Safari - celebrate 1 year Asian Baby Elephant's birthday

Was invited to attend the birthday celebrations of Singapore Night Safari's One Year baby Asian Elephant name Nila Utama. The baby asian elephant was super cute! We enjoyed the birthday celebrations with the zoo providing us with special Nila Utama birthday cake, tea set with nice finger food and wonder tram ride around the night safari in their special gourmet tram. Super cool experience. Totally fun for adults and kids too! Singapore and Night Safari are world class attractions in Singapore. Nila Utama had a nice birthday cake made with carrots, fruits and vegetables!

Do take your time to visit the Night Safari and say 'hi' to Nila Utama the baby Asian Elephant!

Read more in the weblink below from the zoo:

Also you can have free entry to the zoo or night safari during your birthday. You can have a wild party special badge and nice cup of ice cream.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas soon in Singapore 2011

Do come and visit Singapore. The christmas lights are up along the famous Orchard Road in Singapore. The Christmas lights are blue and nice. Take a look at the elephant statues located along Ion Building in Singapore. For the overseas visitors to my blog, do come to Singapore for your holidays.

Christmas tree in Takashimaya Singapore

Sharity Elephant for Singapore. Nice cute mascot for charity.

Handmade Doriyaki Japanese pancakes

Had the doriyaki handmade Japanese pancake from Nex Singapore. I always have the orignal azuki (black bean paste) flavour pancake. Doreamon also like Doriyaki.

Burger Shack!

There is nice place called Burger Shack located in King's Arcade building, near to Coronation Plaza in Bukit Timah. The place serves good hand-made burgers and nice desserts. The place run by the same people who own Island Creamery ice cream joint. That's why we had extra helpings to the ice cream- cookies and cream, chocolate! Yeah! Check out the place - we also had the 'original' burger, meatball spaghetti and root beer.

Japanese BBQ Wagyu Beef

Had this special Wagyu beef set lunch at Vivo City Singapore - Tajimaya restaurant. The Japanese eating place was voted one of the best dining areas in Singapore for 2011. The wagyu beef was delicious and sweet to the taste. One can also grill corn, green peppers, melon and vegetables. The whole set was very nice and comes with 4 slices of salmon sashimi. Aftre eating the grilled Wagyu beef, we wanted to leave the beef taste on our taste buds and did not eat anything for awhile. The set lunch was about $25.

Wagyu Beef slices for grilling

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TonTei- Breaded Black Pig Cutlet and Rice

Well, this Japanese Food Tontei restaurant always has yummy food. Today ate the breaded black pig pork cutlet. We got to play with the grinder to grind out the sesame seeds for the tonkatsu sauce.