Monday, April 30, 2012

Cable Car Singapore - Photographs from above

Took the cable car in Singapore from Mount Faber to Sentosa. Had fun photographing things below the cable cae - bus interchange, sunset, ships. Really nice photos taken.

Cable Car

Ships below

Expressway and Vivocity

Cable Car ride

Scenic view

Bus interchange below

Golden sunset- Keppel Bay

Bon Voyage

Night view of the road from Cable Car above

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Avengers Super Heroes @ Nex Mall

Wow! The Avengers Movie- Super Heroes were found in Nex Mall, Singapore. Iron Man, Thor, Green Goblin, the Hulk and Captain America were here in Singapore. Super cool and fun to see all the action figures of the Avengers Movie. I do not have much to say (speechless to see all the heroes), I just let you see the pictures of the Avengers Heroes. Some of the action figures look really good.

Thor is at Nex Mall

Iron Man

Captain America

Tony Spark

Singapore Yacht Show 2012 - Sentosa Cove Marina

Mrupupup went to see the Singapore Boat Show at ONE Degree 15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove, Singapore. Well, the boats parked there were really cooooool. The boats were up for sale. Interestingly, some boats were really big and one could live in them for many years. Some of the yachts come from marquee names in the luxury yacht industry. Well, if you got a few million dollars to spare, you can get one super yacht and invite me over to take a ride around the Singapore islands. If not, its ok and check out the photographs of the pretty nice boats.

This boat is huge!

Very nice boat in Sentosa Cove Marina

Lamborghini - Nice

Think this boat not for sale. Boat park at the Sentosa Cove Marina

Like these boats

Let me see now- which yacht should i get?

Pretty good looking boats

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hong Kong Seng Kee Dessert

Hong Kong Seng Kee Dessert is not from Hong Kong but from Singapore Select group, and it not only serves desserts but other chinese dishes. The eating place specialises in desserts. It has many branches in Singapore (Tampines 1, Clementi Mall, Airport, etc.). The food was not bad and mrupupup tried the beef dry noodles set (less than $10). Well, the beef noodles set comes with a small piece of fried carrot cake and black sesame paste dessert (yummy!)

                                   Beef Noodles

                          Black Sesame Paste

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Manhattan Fish Market - Go eat fish!

Yaoz. Mrupupup went to eat Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) in Plaza Singapura Shopping Mall. The place was packed with many people for dinner. Never knew MFM could get so busy, I almost could not hear myself during a conversation. I guess MFM is doing well in Singapore and other countries like Saudi Arabia. The waiters were great too! We had a seafood platter, clam chowder soup and nice chococlate ice cream drink. Pretty good and filling! Loved the design and the deco of the place, even the plates and napkins got interesting slogans!

Check out the photos!

Baby park the stroller- they love fish!

Dinner time - Seafood platter for sharing for two people!

I am the COD father!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fu Xiang Kitchen Curry Chicken

Fu Xiang Kitchen at Nex Mall 'Food Junction' serves a very nice pot of curry chicken. Totally enjoyed the curry chicken with super spicy curry sauce. Think there are a few outlets in Singapore (Bishan, West Mall) and Fu Xiang Kitchen serves other spicy dishes too. Nice and enjoy the photos!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Wadori at Nex Mall (basement 1) sells yakitori sticks -japanese sticks of skewered meat or vegetables. Pretty nice selection of yakitori. Mrupupup will visit this branch just to have the 'yakitori' taste of japan. The place has good service and will top up your green tea for quite a few times. Had the usual bento rice set with yakitori sticks of chicken, chicken balls and prawn ebi. Enjoy!