Monday, January 19, 2015

Mr Baguette -store that sells Baguette!

I like Mr Baguette. Located at Golden Mile Hawker Centre, along Beach Road #B1-51 store number.

As the name of the store implies, the humble store sells baguette (French bread cups but in smaller version) that are filled with different toppings like egg custard, red velvet, tiramisu and many flavours. The prices are reasonable about $1.50 to $1.80.

The baguette bread came in a small bread cup, eat it slowly or you would get your mouth and even your nose stuff with the fillings (haha, mrupupup's nose got red velvet filling once). Mrupupup also bought Mr Baguette's garlic bread which was very crispy and nice.

If you ask Mrupupup, the fillings with egg custard and red velvet were the most yummy! Eat the baguette while it is hot- super nice!

Senior Lim's photo.

Senior Lim's photo.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Abseiling workshop at Climb Asia Climbing Centre

Thanks to the good people from DBS Bank - Mrupupup went on a 2 hour abseiling workshop at Climb Asia Climbing Centre, located Civil Service Club Tessensohn, 60 Tessensohn Road Singapore. It was great fun and tiring day with abseiling. Mrupupup felt it brought a spark in life to go beyond the comfort zone of life! Mrupupup learned the basics of abseiling and experience the thrill of abseiling down a 11m outdoor tower. Abseiling sure kicked start the new year with fun and adventure, and help spark change in life.

The abseiling event was in conjunction with DBS Bank's new SPARK campaign “Igniting Possibilities, Sparking Joy”. For more information, visit: Thanks DBS Bank !