Friday, October 31, 2014

A story of uneventfulness

It was a normal work day. Mrupupup could smell the morning rain on sunny Singapore. The rain brought fresh relief to this country's hot weather.

         The walk to the train station was uneventful. How come the pavement was so grey? Sometimes, Mrupupup would encounter strange people walking on the pavement. Strange as in why people would rush to work with their children in tow. Guess Singapore is a busy place and people need to work to survive.

         Oh, the train is coming! Mrupupup fancies Singapore's train system. The train are clean and better maintained than city like Paris. Have you been to Paris? Oh my, the trains just creek along the way and not clean.

         People on the train. What do they do? How the world has changed in our mobile phone world? Everybody would just look into their small screens on the handphone. The train ride would be uneventful.

        Reached the stop, alight and walked again on the pavement. However, this time there would be a small forest to pass through. Mrupupup found this small forest pretty interesting, as there were many animals in this forest. Mrupupup has spotted a jungle fowl, thrush birds, squirrels, and of course humans of varied species.

       Passing through the forest, Mrupupup would take a bus. This bus was always a welcome relief from the heat. This bus was for one bus stop only. Best part of all, there was no need to pay. Why? Guess got to do with the overall distance framework adopted by the transport authority. Good!

       An uneventful day.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Westlake Restaurant Singapore

Westlake Restaurant is one of the old-school restaurant in Singapore with lots of traditional Chinese dishes. Mrupupup was at Westlake over the weekday evening (please don't go on a weekend because got many people).  Food here is a pretty good especially its signature dish - Kong Bak Pau (braised pork with buns).

Braised Pork with Pau ($13) was yummy!! Westlake is synonymous with Kong Bak Bao. Taste-wise, it was a yummy and 'melt in the mouth' pork meats with hot buns. The crisp lettuce was good to bland in the salty taste of the braised sauce and meats.

Westlake Steamed Beancurd ($10) was an interesting find for dinner. Coins of smooth and plain beancurd were topped with a shrimp ball, dotted with a small amount of salted egg yolk, and in a starchy egg-drop gravy. This dish was done very well with a delicate and clear touch.

Hokkien Mee in claypot ($7) was a value for money dish with lots of noodles and ingredients like squid, prawns and pork. Two persons took some time to finish the claypot noodles. Mrupupup liked the noodles because it was not too salty.

Westlake Restaurant Blk 4 Queen's Road #02-139 (next to Farrer Road MRT Station)
Open daily from 11am to 2pm for lunch & 6pm to 9.30pm for dinner
Advice : Go on a weekday evening like Monday or Tuesday - not too crowded

Yummy buns with Braised Pork
Yummy Kong Bak Pao - Braised Pork
Braised Pork with Bun
Steamed Beancurd
Hokkien Mee in claypot

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fury - the movie review

Fury is a nice movie. If you like American war stories, this is a movie you can watch.

The movie is about Brad Pitt - code name 'wardaddy' leading his men to war against the Nazis towards the tail end of War World II in Germany.
The movie was good because of the great acting, solid story, great action scenes with a tank and nice shots of inside of a tank.
If you like Brad Pitt, well he did a great job in this movie. He tends to play down in his roles, but for this movie, he was the leading man. In this movie, Mrupupup would remember Brad Pitt's line "Idealism is peaceful, however history is violent." So profound.
In the end, this movie is about American heroes. Guess, too much Hollywood movie just make one feel good for a while in their lives. The movie was intense and one would feel time flew past very quickly in this 2 hour movie.
Ok, enjoy Fury. By the way, Fury is the name of the tank also.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Singapore is the top place to visit in 2015 by Lonely Planet

Wow, Singapore is the top place to visit in 2015 as nominated by the Lonely Planet.

Guess - Mrupupup knows why - because Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday next year in 2015.
There will be many celebrations and parties to attend to remember a small red dot on the map as Singapore survived for 50 years in the world stage. Impressive small little country.

There are many things to do in Singapore. The country has 'quirky' attractions like the Singapore Gardens by the Bay (the expensive Gardens with two cool conservatories), multi-culture and many religions in harmony with each other. The Sports Hub attracting big sports events. However, Mrupupup hopes that the Sports Hub fixes the sandy field in the stadium. There many sporting events to look forward like the Southeast Asian Games.

Singapore is 50 years old. Time to celebrate and remember the progress the country made.

Senior Lim's photo.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Street Art in Singapore China Square Central

Mrupupup found the latest string of street arts in Singapore. The below art pieces painted on the walls of buildings are colourful and reflects Singapore's past. The street art can be found along the China Square Central area - 3 Pickering Street (Nankin Row area). Enjoy the street art!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Street Art in Penang Malaysia

Mrupupup recently went to Penang Malaysia. Well, for Mrupupup, the street art painted on the walls of Penang's historic Georgetown was something quite fascinating. Georgetown in Penang is an UNESCO heritage site filled with very nice old houses and small alleys that came with surprises of interesting street art.

The street art in Georgetown made Mrupupup happy for it shows that art could liven up the place and brings an interesting perspective to life. Go to the historic Georgetown and find the street art in lanes like Armenian Street, Chulia Street, Love Lane, and some other streets! It would be fun to do that in Penang! And take many cool pictures!

Who want some buns?
Look out for the mouse!
Mrupupup's favourite - of the mouse hiding from the big cat!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trick Eye Museum Singapore at RWS Sentosa

Mrupupup had a great time in Trick Eye Museum located at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). There were so many interesting 3D art on display at the Trick Eye Museum. The Trick Eye Museum is located near to the Malaysian Food Court and Astons at RWS Sentosa. Entrance fee costs about $25 for adult.

If your want to go to Trick Eye museum, do bring a great camera and take all the weird photos. Mrupupup had great fun and took several photos of people having fun!

Thanks Trick Eye Museum Singapore for the free preview of the place!

Fiery Inferno, Help, Help!!
Oh no! Where is my Head gone??? Scary ??
I am an Angel and I can fly and take a selfie!
Hold steady- Trick Eye!

Chunk Fest 2014 Singapore by Ben & Jerry's

Mrupupup was invited to attend the Chunk Fest 2014 by Ben & Jerry's held in the Gardens by the Bay Singapore (Meadow area). Ok, Mrupupup went to the Chunk Fest to eat lots of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Mrupupup had about 6 cups of ice cream of various flavours. The Chunk Fest was great fun with lots of games, movie screening and social enterprise marketplace stores selling many unique stuff to help the less privileged in our society! 

Thanks Ben and Jerry's for Chunk Fest 2014 Singapore!

Mrupupup ate so many cups of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!

Young Colugo Animal Saw in Singapore

Mrupupup was so excited that a young Colugo animal was spotted among the trees in Lower Pierce Reservoir park in Singapore. This colugo animal is pretty hard to spot in Singapore and it is considered 'vulnerable'. Well, it was a lucky day to spot such a mammal!

The Colugo is a gliding mammal found in the South East Asia jungles. This nocturnal animal glides at night with its flying wings. The one Mrupupup saw was a young colugo and it had brown fur. The young colugo was about the size of big squirrel. Adult colugo has a greyish coat. The mammal is related closely to primates.

Very exciting. Please see the best photograph below of the Colugo (taken by Mrupupup!).

Senior Lim's photo.