Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poulet at Bugis plus Mall

Poulet means 'chicken' in French. Well, Poulet located at Bugis plus (+) Mall (level 4) is relatively new and serves very nice French food. Their wonderful signature roast chicken ( about $15) was very good and Mrupupup loved the sauce made which had a tinge of chardonnay wine.We even asked for extra sauce for the big piece of half chicken. Mrupupup also had oxtail and was cooked till the oxtail meat (about $15) just slips off from the bones, very very nice and tender. The oxtail had a nice sauce which comes with a tinge of chardonnay wine. Poulet is an excellent place for French fare and in Mrupupup's opinion the place is worth it and good value for money. Mrupupup had Poulet's sausages as starter (very good and juicy sausages!) and mushroom soup done very well. Overall, Mrpupup had a great meal at Poulet. Do take note the queue can be quite long at Poulet. Enjoy! Bon Jour! Tres bien!

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