Friday, January 24, 2014

Moon andy Biiboo

Moon rises and calm prevails in Zing Zing World. The rustle of clothes been 'tanned' by the moonlight at our Zing Zing World Doobie Apartments. Softly and gently are the snores of the night. From the night, rises the Night Watchman covering all of Zing Zing World.

       The Night Watchman complained of the recent case of some strange "Andyman" complaining of our Doobie trains. Andyman is a pink skin being from outer realm of Zing Zing World.  Night Watchman felt that the Andyman was a bad menace to Zing Zing World. "Let society rise up against the tyranny of Andyman although Doobie Trains were at fault at times," exclaimed the Night Watchman.

      Zing Zing World settled into the night. Her motherland feeling at peace, but the morning would come. Zing Zing World would spring to life again. The cycle of Doobie trains would begin as everyday would be and the netizens of Zing Zing World would continue in its quest to fill the internet space.

     The moon was still there in the sky. Moonlight shone through the rooms of netizens. It was the beginning of weekend. The Netizens like Biiboo typed on the computer and pressing alphabets onto the mobile screen to record the latest Birdie Twits, Facepalm the Facebook, Instantly the Instagram, Boogled the latest info on Blogs and finally replied all the gmails+yahoo+whatspps revolving in Zing Zing world. Life in Zing Zing World had slowly become digitalised. Zing Zing World moved at a rapid speed albeit under the coolness of the moonlight. Biiboo please go to sleep for the world always moved with or without you. Biiboo please stop being digitalised for the Zing Zing World needs a saviour from technology. Biiboo we loved you.

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