Sunday, March 2, 2014

Singapore Jazz Festival 2014 at Marina Bay Sands Very cool Jazz Music

Mrupupup was at the Singapore Jazz Festival 2014 held at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Main Event area - March 2014.

The event was great and the jazz music was smooth flowing. Loved the jazz music especially from Gregory Porter and his band. Mr Sato the saxophonist for Gregory Porter's jazz band earn more claps than Gregory Porter himself.

Singapore Jazz Festival 2014 was the best with the backdrop of the beautiful city skyline, flow of drinks, people chilling to the music and the jazz was absolutely world class. Mrupupup felt like he was in some jazz bar in New York when Gregory Porter sang about Harlem.

Great music and great jazz. Singapore music scene is going to be one of the best in Asia. Bring back the soul music to Singapore. Oh yeah !


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