Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Cornerstone Cafe at Bishan Park

Mrupupup went to Cornerstone Café for Brunch. The eating place is located at Bishan Park 2 (the one with the Macdonalds). The Cornerstone offers a large place for people to gather to have brunch.

Brunch consisted of slices of roast beef, ham, squid, tuna in tiny cute cones, lobster pasta in a spoon and the wonderful desserts. Wow, the desserts were the nice part! Cornerstone had marsh mellow with sweet sauces, wonderful cakes, tiny cups with sweet things, cookies, many wonderdul things which Mrupupup had recorded on pictures. Yummys!!!!! Mrupupup loved to eat!

If you have dogs, the Cornerstone is dog friendly, Mrupupup saw large dogs and small dogs and even a nice cat enjoying the sunny day! Very nice place for a weekend brunch!

OK, attached below their burger and soups. Yummy!

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