Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tulip Mania at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome

Tulip Mania is on now at the Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome in Singapore. As Singapore is a hot and humid country, having to see tulips growing and well maintained in an orderly fashion is an exciting thing.

Mrupupup went to see the tulips growing in the Gardens by the Bay and came back with many nice photo shots. Mrupupup loved the tulips and reminded the experience looking at the wild tulips grown in Holland. The Windmills were also nice touch in the Tulip Mania display. Mrupupup looked at the Dutch houses and had a bit of nostalgia of the experience holidaying in Amsterdam. Tulip Mania very nice and the tulips on display till 4 May 2014. Thanks Gardens by the Bay for the trip to view the beautiful Tulips.


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