Friday, May 16, 2014

Bukit Brown Cemetery: Documented Past of Singapore

Bukit Brown Cemetery is well documented in Singapore. The fight by civic societies to preserve this Bukit Brown Cemetery raised much interest in this place. Bukit Brown Cemetery holds up to 100,000 burial plots for the Chinese. The famous personalities buried there included Mr Ong Sam Leong (very rich man), Chew Joo Chiat, Gan Eng Seng and many more. Take note that Mr Ong Sam Leong's burial place is the largest and most elaborate in the Bukit Brown area. Bukit Brown Cemetery is located off the Sime Road and near to Singapore Island Country Club.

As this cemetery is facing some changes to the site due the construction of a road through this place, Mrupupup went to see this Bukit Brown place. Well, Mrupupup thinks it is quite a big place and quiet with many interesting birds chirping. The most impressive thing of Bukit Brown were the tombs. Just to let Mrupupup's readers know that some tombs had Sikh Guards placed next to the tombs. One tomb even had two colourful Sikh Guards which were fierce looking. This tomb belonged to a famous Chinese Doctor Mr Chew Geok Leng (did some internet research).  In the older days of Singapore, Sikh Guards were very highly regarded for their loyalty and their protection provided to families.

Anyway, do check out Bukit Brown Cemetery before this place is all gone come 40-50 years down the road. Since this cemetery is well documented, there are many signs pointing to the more prominent tomb sites for example the largest burial site of Mr Ong Sam Leong. Do wear comfortable shoes for the place is big (4.2km route), wear longs pants, don't go alone, don't talk loudly and bring water.


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