Monday, August 4, 2014

Ben & Jerry's Sundae the Core Singapore Flavours #coresg

Mrupupup went to check out the new Ben & Jerry's core flavours within a sundae at the Vivocity Singapore outlet. The core flavours are banana brownie or triple phish. Mrupupup tried out the new core flavour of triple phish (tasted a lot like caramel fudge) within scoops of chunky monkey and chocolate brownie. Wow, the core really made the ice cream sundae super awesome. It was yummy to the max. Mrupupup getting fatter with this 'core' flavours within the Ben & Jerry's sundae. Dig into the CORE!

See the core- dig into the core
See me the CORE
Can add toppings like nuts
Dig into the core with this spoon!

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