Saturday, August 16, 2014

Canton Paradise Chinese Food Yummy

Mrupupup went to the Canton Paradise for a late Chinese food dinner. Well, since it was a late dinner (around 8.30pm) at Canton Paradise located at Basement 1 of Star Vista Mall (1 Vista Exchange Green #B1-45), Mrupupup ordered a few yummy dishes.

Mrupupup had the awesome goodness of the egg yolk 'liu sa' bun with its famously ooosshing yellow filling coming out of the bun. The yummy egg yolk taste with the hot bun was a perfect match. Mrupupup also ordered the prawn fritters in a basket which was yummy fried food.

When one visits the Canton Paradise, you need to order their nice noodles. Mrupupup had the yummy thin noodles in a soup and came with juicy pork slices (roasted pork!). The combination of roasted pork and the noodles was delicious! Mrupupup was totally satisfied with the meal. The meals at Canton Paradise were yummy and costs were reasonable (range from $4 for small dishes and about $8 for the noodles). The place also sells porridge and various types of dim sum dishes.

Roasted Pork Noodles
Fried Prawn Fritters
Yellow juicy 'liu sa' Buns

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