Monday, September 15, 2014

Mercedes Benz E Class test drive

Mercedes Benz E Class Test Drive was awesome! Mrupupup took the Mercedes Benz for a spin around the Tanglin area.  The test drive was smooth and powerful. The E Class is such a class act with intelligent control systems, automatic push button start engine, auto head rest mover, simple touch to signal directions, and press of two buttons just to start the car.

The test drive was so smooth and comfortable. The nappa leather in the car was just great. The steering wheel was so simple to use and the car just flows with you.

The current price in expensive "COE" Singapore $250,000 and can get $15,000 discount if you want to trade in your car. Minimum loan is $80,000 for a period of minimum period of 5 years and monthly instalment about $1,500. Black colour looks nice, the brown one which Mrupupup was driving looks good on a Mercedes Benz car!

Do enjoy the Mercedes Benz E Class in your own way and the car is a class act. Very nice, Very nice car! The car really makes one happy! Mercedes Benz E Class - Wow!


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