Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spruce at 320 Tanglin Road - Breakfast Yummy

Mrupupup had a yummy western style breakfast at Spruce located at 320 Tanglin Road (near to foreign embassy area and Crescents' Girl School).

Spruce is nice restaurant with interesting photographs. Loved the photographs which brings a little class to the eating place. The photographs made Mrupupup want to visit the country like Myammar.
Spruce has friendly waiters and the feel of the place was cosy and nice!

The breakfast was yummy sausages with scrambled eggs. Totally delicious! Loved the apple juice that went well with sausages. The awesome toasted bagels were great with juicy fat sausages and smoked salmon on offer. Mrupupup loved bagels especially with lots of cream cheese!

The morning weekend spent at Spruce definitely spruced up the weekend mood! Burps!

Awesome Bagels!

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