Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wedding Banquet at TungLok Signatures located at Orchard Parade Hotel

Mrupupup attended a wedding banquet at TungLok Signatures located at Orchard Parade Hotel. The wedding banquet venue at TungLok was the smaller venue with about 20 tables. Some tables were located in rooms which blocked the view of the bride and groom giving their thank you speech.

The dishes served for the wedding banquet were pretty traditional fare:
- Cold dish with about five items like jellyfish, duck meat, spring rolls, roast meat, prawns with melon
- Shark's fin soup which came with lots of shark's fin (oh no! better don't tell those animal environmental nature protectors!
- Scallops with broccoli (loved the big chunks of scallops)
- Roasted chicken: seems like not roasted enough
- Mushrooms with vegetables and sea cucumber which was good and yummy
- Steamed fish which maybe a bit over cooked but nice
- Yam rice which Mrupupup thought was not nice and not warm. Can skip this dish.
- Dessert with Chinese red date, bird's nest and Aloe Vera which was the best dish of the evening and Mrupupup had a pretty picture of the dessert.

TungLok Signatures well had a nice blend of dishes for the wedding banquet and a very traditional place which the seniors would like.

TungLok staff also popped up for the bride and groom some dish plate which was hand written with Chinese poem verses and they sang a song for them and the guests, which was pretty interesting.

Dish Plate with Chinese Verses
The one Bird's Nest dessert dish which was totally awesome!
TungLok Signatures at Orchard Parade Hotel

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