Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fury - the movie review

Fury is a nice movie. If you like American war stories, this is a movie you can watch.

The movie is about Brad Pitt - code name 'wardaddy' leading his men to war against the Nazis towards the tail end of War World II in Germany.
The movie was good because of the great acting, solid story, great action scenes with a tank and nice shots of inside of a tank.
If you like Brad Pitt, well he did a great job in this movie. He tends to play down in his roles, but for this movie, he was the leading man. In this movie, Mrupupup would remember Brad Pitt's line "Idealism is peaceful, however history is violent." So profound.
In the end, this movie is about American heroes. Guess, too much Hollywood movie just make one feel good for a while in their lives. The movie was intense and one would feel time flew past very quickly in this 2 hour movie.
Ok, enjoy Fury. By the way, Fury is the name of the tank also.

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