Thursday, October 23, 2014

Singapore is the top place to visit in 2015 by Lonely Planet

Wow, Singapore is the top place to visit in 2015 as nominated by the Lonely Planet.

Guess - Mrupupup knows why - because Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday next year in 2015.
There will be many celebrations and parties to attend to remember a small red dot on the map as Singapore survived for 50 years in the world stage. Impressive small little country.

There are many things to do in Singapore. The country has 'quirky' attractions like the Singapore Gardens by the Bay (the expensive Gardens with two cool conservatories), multi-culture and many religions in harmony with each other. The Sports Hub attracting big sports events. However, Mrupupup hopes that the Sports Hub fixes the sandy field in the stadium. There many sporting events to look forward like the Southeast Asian Games.

Singapore is 50 years old. Time to celebrate and remember the progress the country made.

Senior Lim's photo.

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