Monday, October 19, 2015

SMTOWN The Stage Documentary Movie

Do check out the SMTOWN the Stage Movie (documentary). Very nice and thrilling show (because of the fast paced hip hop dance). Mrupupup saw this documentary movie which described the lives of the Korean singing and dance artiste in the Korean music industry (SMTOWN). The documentary presents footage from Korea's SM Entertainment's recent worldwide concert tour, "SMTOWN Live World Tour IV" in Korea, Japan, and China and features Korean superstars & groups like BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls Generation and Red Velvet.

One could see many things like backstage action, how they trained for many years to be famous, how trainees need to train on and on to get at least a chance to be on SMTOWN Stage. One Korean Group trained in dance steps and lyrics for two years to debut one single Korean song. Wow, two years the same song on and on.

Very nice show and Mrupupup thinks only Golden Village Plaza Singapore and GV Tampines are showing this movie in their cinemas. Tickets costs $16 (pretty expensive), but fun to watch. Mrupupup loved the dancing part! Thanks Wah! Club Korea for the sponsoring the preview screening of this documentary movie at GV theater.

Mee Rebus Very nice and Sedap at Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Hawker Centre Yunos N Family stall

Mrupupup encountered a very nice innovative Malay food stall selling Mee Rebus, Mee Soto and other nice Malay dishes. The dishes had nice sounding names that Mrupupup needed a fellow patron in the long queue to explain the names of the dishes.

Mrupupup in the end tried the Mee Rebus 'Tarik' (costs $4.80) - a hybrid of satay meat and sauce together with the Mee Rebus - thick gravy with mee, lime, onions, green chilli and an egg. Very nice dish! Mrupupup never tasted this type of thick gravy Mee Rebus with Satay Sauce and Satay chicken meat. Super yummy. The "Yunos N Family" stall got a queue during lunch time and stall at Blk 724 Ang Mo Mio Avenue 6 Hawker Centre.

See the satay sauce and satay chicken meat in the Mee Rebus Tarik Gravy- Very Nice 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Commando Challenge 2015 Singapore The Run that Clear the Obstacles and Charge!

Commando Challenge run was not the normal type of 6km run. Commando Challenge was a tough run that involves clearing high walls, soaking through an ice pond, electrifying obstacles (with real voltage!), scaling curved walls while trying to complete a 6km run in Sentosa. Really tough run, definitely Mrupupup was super tired the next day after the run.

Mrupupup finished the Commando Challenge - Haha, all the way.... yeah, go go go go ! Check out the photos of 2015 Commando Challenge held along Sentosa's Siloso and Tanjong beaches.  Good challenging run! Great fun and tough run - not the normal run. Need to train for it and also expensive at $85 per person for 6km. There was also a Extreme Commando Challenge - meaning two loops run and carrying a 15km bag along the way (really tougher!).

In groups braving through the electric voltage wires for the final finish

Watching people finish through the final stage of electric shock 

Huge relief

Yeah I complete the Challenge and pass through the electric shock


The Commando Challenge medal!

Great job!

Icy pond to crawl

Barrel wall climb obstacle

Adult height iced cold pond to waddle through- all wet and cold

Sand crawl and low wall climb


Wall climb

Using the wall climb to go over

Curved wall - tough challenge- need team work!

High wall obstacle- Need help!

The Sentosa beach start point Mambo Club Siloso Beach


Friday, October 16, 2015

ASUS ZenFestival #AsusZenFestivalSG Singapore 2015 ZenFone Selfie

Mrupupup joined in the ASUS ZenFestival 2015 Singapore event with ASUS celebrity endorser, Michelle Chong, the actress from "Noose" TV show, and experienced the beauty and power of the new launched ASUS ZenFone smartphones!

One of the highlight of this event was the hands-on experience with ZenFone Selfie (new phone launch), their latest ZenFone with 13MP dual cameras, best for selfies and wefies. Tried out the Asus smartphones in the ASUS launch event. As I also used Asus product, so I might be biased in my thoughts, Mrupupup felt that the ASUS smartphone offers value for money (not too expensive) as compared to other brands and performance of the products were comparable with the best smartphone brands in the world. Check out the pictures from the ASUS Zen Festival which was held recently in Chijmes Hall, Victoria Street, Singapore.

Presentation on the new Asus Phones on promotion with Prices
The new Asus Zenfone Selfie
Nice design of Asus Zenfone Selfie

Won Zenny the ASUS Mascot doll (it is an owl shape doll)

Very nice Chijmes Hall
Various games to play using the new Asus phone

Pricing on the Asus Phones on promotion

Celebrity Michelle Chong endorsing the Asus phone
Goodie from ASUS - a Zenny Selfie Stick (Very Nice gift) Thanks ASUS!
Thanks ASUS Singapore for the invite to ASUS ZenFestival

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Five Square @ Great Eastern Centre Singapore

FIVE Bar Group welcomes their latest flagship store on board, Mrupupup was invited to join in the "Family Saturday @ Five Square".

Mrupupup could engage in family fun for kids like movable cars, ballons and bouncing castle while tantalizing my taste buds with a wide selection of gourmet food options at all day happy hour outlet at Great Eastern Centre. Mrupupup also got to browse through a interesting mix of eclectic lifestyle items from more than 25 artisans, offering a one-stop entertainment plan for Mrupupup's relaxing Saturday with the family.

Venue: Five Square
               1 Pickering Street,
              Great Eastern Centre,
              #01-03 Singapore 048659

The food sample was great. Mrupupup had a taste of stalls from Gogiplate, Grubbeef sirloin (very nice noodles) - Grub Noodle Bar Express-  think best noodles Mrupupup had in the CBD area, Teppei's Kaisen don, Omnivore's Chicken Thigh and Seafood Paella. Super awesome day with so much food on the plate. 

If you are free, do give Five Square a visit on Saturdays. Check out the food photos. Take note Five Square also serves cold beers on tap, whisky for a good time till late (note that the place is close on Sundays).

Thanks to the folks at Five Square for the nice meal.

(Korean Style)

Yummy Grub Beef Sirloin Noodles

Teppei Kaisen Don
(Lots of fish Shashimi)

Omnivore Chicken Thigh

Seafood Paella

Five Square at Pickering Street

Glorious Food

So many bowls of nice noodles!

Five Bar - Beers on tap

Artisan goods on sale

Remote cars for kids

Kids play area

Artisan crafts for sale at Five Sqaure

Sunday, October 4, 2015

7 Secrets to being Successful in Life

1 Finding the GAP in life
This is about spotting the GAP in life. What is the thing that is missing in life and business?
One, copy one thing that is successful but don't copy everything in life/business.

Second part, look for problems that nobody choose to care or solve.

Third thing, find out what people need, and mix it up, smash up the current trend and build on to succeed.

2. Network in life
Go out every evening if one got the energy. If not, try to fill up your weekends with events, find social events and not movie screenings, play poker, play golf, play rugby. Find people to date. Find wealthy people to invest with. In Singapore, there are many events, choose wisely. Choose partner to network, in life bring people together who think differently.

3. Drive ahead like F1 Racer
Drive on and purely focus on the end in mind. Don't dwell in road markings just like F1 driver in Singapore who go against traffic signs on the roads.

4. Look for blips, Observe and Act on
Look for the blips in trend, sit down, observe and act on the trend.

5. Just fail in life but wisely
Go ahead and fail. Like business and looking for partners in life, date a person, and do business, and fail but wisely. Wisely means running small, do small scale, while you may fail but not on big scale.

6. Give away small stuff
Give away your small stuff and share ideas with others. Help people to get ahead. Give it away and so as to be connected to life and people.

7. Finally Smile and Attract
Finally, smile more and attract people in your life, you never know whom you will meet in life that will give you a helping hand.

Don't wait and just act on life. Life changes fast. Good things comes to people who do not wait. Wait for what lah!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

What would make a perfect weekend?

Honestly, everyday can be a good weekend when you are doing things that you love. So, what do you love to do? Sports, painting, reading, movies, cycling, table tennis?

          You have just got to live your life and decide the time to spend on doing what you WANT to do, rather than what you HAVE to do. Every day can be the perfect weekend if you MAKE it so.