Saturday, October 17, 2015

Commando Challenge 2015 Singapore The Run that Clear the Obstacles and Charge!

Commando Challenge run was not the normal type of 6km run. Commando Challenge was a tough run that involves clearing high walls, soaking through an ice pond, electrifying obstacles (with real voltage!), scaling curved walls while trying to complete a 6km run in Sentosa. Really tough run, definitely Mrupupup was super tired the next day after the run.

Mrupupup finished the Commando Challenge - Haha, all the way.... yeah, go go go go ! Check out the photos of 2015 Commando Challenge held along Sentosa's Siloso and Tanjong beaches.  Good challenging run! Great fun and tough run - not the normal run. Need to train for it and also expensive at $85 per person for 6km. There was also a Extreme Commando Challenge - meaning two loops run and carrying a 15km bag along the way (really tougher!).

In groups braving through the electric voltage wires for the final finish

Watching people finish through the final stage of electric shock 

Huge relief

Yeah I complete the Challenge and pass through the electric shock


The Commando Challenge medal!

Great job!

Icy pond to crawl

Barrel wall climb obstacle

Adult height iced cold pond to waddle through- all wet and cold

Sand crawl and low wall climb


Wall climb

Using the wall climb to go over

Curved wall - tough challenge- need team work!

High wall obstacle- Need help!

The Sentosa beach start point Mambo Club Siloso Beach


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