Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hida Furukawa - Japan town with nice canal and sidewalks

             Hida Furuakawa, in Gifu prefecture, is a few train stops away from Takayama where Mrupupup was staying. Hida Furukawa is a nice Japanese town. A quiet town when Mrupupup visited in early December.

              The interesting part of Hida Furukawa was the nice stream running through the town. As it was close to winter, the carp fish found along the river canal had been take away for hibernation. With the nice carp fish, the canal would be a great sight. Think this Hida Furukawa town, although small in size, was beautiful.

             Take a stroll along the town, one could find peace among the houses and temples. Mrupupup bought a nice Japanese snack and matcha (green tea) ice cream to eat while sitting along the river canal. Mrupupup just felt in peace within this place. Mrupupup wondered if to stay in Hida Furukawa would be interesting.

            As the sun sets by 5pm, time to go back to Takayama, about 20 minutes away.
Good night Hida Furukawa!

           Guide to Hida Furukawa - http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e5975.html

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