Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dinosaurs Live Exhibition @ Singapore Science Centre

Had a wonderful time at the Dinosaurs Live Exhibit in Singapore Science Centre. There are 50 life size dinosaurs in the exhibition. Thanks to the local telecoms company (Starhub), I got to see the dinosaurs exhibition for free and even stayed over night in the dinosaurs exhibition!

The organised event was part of the Starhub cable TV channel - Fox channel 505's efforts to promote the latest cable TV block buster "Terra Nova" which is produced by Steven Speilberg and it is the most expensive television series on record. Every miniute of the TV series costs $200,000 to produce due to the high CGI effects in the show. Well, we had the sneek preview of the Terra Nova TV show and totally enjoyed the human tribe fighting against aggressive dinosuars like in Jurassic Park movie.

It was really fun having the T-Rex dinosaur and other dinosaurs as company in the over night stay in the Singapore Science Centre. The 50 life like dinosaurs were really interesting and all the dinosaurs moved according to motion sensors. The dinosaurs also emitted noisy calls and sounds.

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