Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Batam Medical Mission Indonesia

Went for 2 Days Batam Medical Mission. Batam is an Indonesian island about 45 minutes boat ride from Singapore. We went to visit a Batam village to provide medical relief to the residents. Useful trip and lots of positive energy from this trip. Hard work and satisfaction from helping to distribute necessary medical supplies.

 Fast Boat to Batam
 Help to carry medical stores
 School to store our supplies
 Villagers line up to see doctors
 Get ready for the crowd- health screening station
 Check blood pressure
 Good Job! Village Head in brown shirt
 Pharmacy - the most busy station
 Well deserve dinner
 A & W - yeah! Not available in Singapore
                                  Smile - Happy volunteers from Singapore
                                       Checking the bottles of medicine
 Boat ride to Singapore
                                        I miss A & W Root Beer - Ice Cream float!
                                               Children of Batam in the clinic
Last lunch- Indonesian food . Very Nice! The soup was great!

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