Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chingay 2012 - Singapore

Chingay 2012 Parade was held in the Formula 1 Pit Building area in Singapore. The Chingay 2012 is a street parade held every year to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Well, me got invited for free to attend the Chingay to blog about it. There were dancers and performers from schools, various organisations and even delegates from countries like Japan, Taiwan and China.

This year is Chingay's 40th anniversary and it was special for it had a water-based platform because this year is the 'Water Dragon' year in the Chinese Lunar calendar.

The dancers and performers worked really and the show lasting 2 hours from 8.30pm to 10.30pm was fantastic! Took pictures and videos- enjoy!

Dragon enters the Chingay

Parade Float and dancers from China

Colourful Float

Elephants walking on the water platform

Japan performers - very nice

Splashing water performance

Lighting up- got 300 students holding on to torches

Colourful Float

Stars Wars Contingent

Taiji Dancers

Its was a full house event! Nice Float!

Video taken of Lighted Dragon Dance - Red & Blue

Floating Dragon @ Chingay 2012 - like a nice big Ballon

Japanese delegation performing at Chingay

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