Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Travels - Switzerland Land of beautiful scenery

Mrupupup now realise why people say Switzerland is a beautiful country. Mrupupup visited Lucerne and Mount Titilis in Switzerland. Really envy the Swiss people. I wish I can ski down the slopes every weekend and take a walk along the beauitful Lucerne Lake. Think words cannot capture the beauty of this land locked country of high Swiss Alps mountains and lakes. Only photos and videos would help to capture the beauty that Mrupupup witnessed in his trip to Switzerland.

Check out the photos and self made videos:

Lucerne with Chapel Bridge on the left

Cable car up Mount Titlis - 10,000 feet above sea level

Sun set Lake Lucerne

Top of the World - Mount Titlis

Cheese Fondue

Old town - Lucerne

Lake and mountain - beautiful

Chapel Bridge


Lucerne old town area

Sea gull in Lake Lucerne

Beautiful Lake Lucerne

Rhine Waterfalls

                     Rhine Waterfalls - Switzerland

Swiss cows - cute stuff for sale

Self-made videos of Switzerland
I took more videos not possible to capture the beauty of the place in one single photograph.

Cable car up Mount Titlis

Top of the Mount Titlis

Swiss Alps

Old Town Lucerne

Band playing in Lucerne Old Town

Swiss mountains

Rhine Waterfalls

Boat ride to Rhine Waterfalls

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