Monday, May 28, 2012

Foldable Bicycles @Soya Bean & @Green Bean

Foldable bicycles were cheap in Carrefour Singapore. We obtained two foldable bicycles each at low prices ($99). These bikes comes with Shimano gears and weighs 16kg each. The new bicycles are called 'Soya Bean' and 'Green Bean'. Will have fun riding all over Singapore on Soya Bean and Green Bean!

Foldable and can carry onto the train

Shimano gears

Enjoy the view - Kallang Riverside Park


  1. Cute names. I do a lot of travel with my folding bike too, except that mine is a Montague bike. I like the full-size wheels. Probably what swung the decision that way. I've never been to Singapore, but I hope to make it soon. I've heard a lot about cycling there and new cycle paths, so I'm excited.

  2. yes. Singapore got bicycle trails. we are trying to connect the whole singapore island in one bicycle loop. thanks for visiting the blog. mrupupup.