Tuesday, May 15, 2012

He Ji Porridge @ Maxwell Hawker Centre 和记粥

He Ji porridge in Maxwell Hawker Centre is famous. Well, Mrupupup just want to eat and take a photo of the thick, thick, thick porridge (yumz!). Mrupupup ate up their century egg with lean pork porridge. The store serves other porrdige like claypot frog leg porridge, raw fish, fried bean curd, fish porridge, pig liver porridge and many more. Just feel hungry while looking at my own photos. Just want to make you hungry too! Do go to Maxwell Hawker Centre to have a bowl of porridge or congee (another name). For tourist, Maxwell Hawker Centre is near to Chinatown area in Singapore.

Thick Porridge - Yumz

Century egg lean pork porridge

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