Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lai Wah Restaurant

Lai Wah Restaurant is a food institution in Singapore. Located at Block 44 Bendemeer Road, this Chinese restaurant is an all time favourite with the elderly. The place serves wonderful Chinese cuisine - Cantonese style. Lai Wah restaurant was where famous dishes like 'Yu Sheng' (raw fish dish) and yam ring (yam stir fried with nuts and prawns) were created. The food is great and the staff are friendly. Lai Wah has a certain 'old world' charm which one cannot find easily in Singapore. Really enjoyed the food! Let me introduce to you the dishes Mrupupup had - via the photos below.


Pork ribs - favourite

Chilli with Kangkong vegtables

Bean curd with eggs and vegtables

Roast chicken - nice and tender

Front Door of Lai Wah - Many press clippings & promotions