Sunday, June 3, 2012

Budak Pantai Superb @ Singapore Arts Festival 2012

Budak Pantai the 'acapalla' singing group simply rocks at the recent Singapore Arts Festival 2012 held at the Esplanade Park. The group gave a superb concert with all the hits and medleys. Mrupupup loves Budak Pantai in the way they change the lyrics of  famous songs to give it a local 'twist'. Very nice concert. Totally enjoyed every moment of it! Took some pictures of Budak Pantai & flea market held at the Esplanade Bridge and recorded short clips of them singing!

Budak Pantai in concert

Flea Market

Video of Budak Pantai Concert @ Arts Festival 2012


  1. Thanks!

    It was a blast to perform for the AF...though we could have lowered its international ranking by a few notches...."What on earth are they singing?! All right, whose bright idea was it to get this group? You mean, there is no choir who can do the Messiah in 60 minutes??!!!"

    Ha Ha Ha

  2. thank you for performing. really enjoyed!