Friday, June 1, 2012

Juchheim Baumkuchen @ Takashimaya Singapore

Juchheim baumchuken cakes are here in Singapore's Takashimaya store (basement two). Check out the pretty box and the chocolate layered baumkuchen cake below. Baumchuken is a type of german and japanese creation with the characteristic 'tree like rings'around the cake. Baumchuken is german word for 'tree cake'. As with most Japanese food creations, their food products comes with pretty packaging. Juchheim is from Kobe Japan and was establised in 1909. The layered cake was nice and tastes unique. It would be better if the baumchuken cake is eaten chilled or with a good cup of green tea. Need to slowly eat in small bites, in fact savour the cake. Yumz! Mrupupup loves cake!

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