Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Old School Delights at Thomson

Old School Delights (OSD) at Upper Thomson Road area serves local dishes and lots of nostalgia. The eating place is a clever eating concept with the whole deco focus on the theme of going back in time of 'old school days'. The food served was pretty alright and was crowded during meal time. There are games like 'Old Maid' to play and enjoy the old photographs on the wall. Mrupupup had nasi lemak, chicken cutlet rice, thick coffee and bandung syrup drink. Just want to mention that the service in OSD was impressive. The Lady Boss took effort to ask whether Mrupupup was there for the first time. On the way out, we gave the feedback that the drinks order were mixed up and the Lady Boss gave us a small complimentary packet of cookies (good gesture) and took note of our feedback. Excellent service OSD!

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