Sunday, June 3, 2012

Seoul Yummy @ Suntec City Mall

Seoul Yummy indeed serves up yummy Korean food. Love their unlimited servings of small dishes of sliced cucumber, bean curd, anchorvies, kimchi, peanuts and vegetables. Seoul Yummy serves the chicken ginseng soup, super nice! Enjoy the bibimbap (hotstone rice with beef, vegetables and egg) and other dishes I have taken photos below. Seoul Yummy has many outlets in Singapore. Mrupupup went to the outlet in Suntec City Mall (basement 1 near to Subway branch) which has good service. Really enjoyed the Korean meal! Yummmmmmy!

Beef BiBimBap Hotstone Rice

Korean meal

Special Rice

Mrupupup Favourite - Chicken Ginseng Soup


Kimchi with tuna soup

Korean pancake - softly done

Small side dishes - unlimited servings

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  1. hi. Seoul Yummy costs set meal $15 onwards, comes with small side dishes like kimchi, bean curd, anchovies, beans, all sides unlimited servings. ginseng chicken is the best about $14. lunch time better deal. need to queue at least 15mins.