Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gardens by the Bay and Supertrees in Singapore

The latest attraction in Singapore just opened and Mrupupup went to check out the 'Gardens by the Bay' and the Supertrees located inside the gardens. Gardens by the Bay is a new park and costs close to one billion dollars to build on reclaimed land. Gardens by the Bay is located in the Marina Bay area and next to Marina Bay Sands. The gardens is huge and comes with Supertrees, artificially created trees based on the concept of huge trees found in Australia & United States. Gardens by the Bay was really packed with many people and they just want to check out the plants, trees, and the air-conditioned conservatories which housed the plants found in cooler climates and artificial waterfall. Very nice place and took a few hours just to roam about in the gardens. Mrupupup went in the evening and saw the beautiful lights installations and the Supertrees which tower 5-7 stories high (like being in the movie Avatar). Do check out the photos below.

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