Saturday, August 11, 2012

Once Upon a Rosti and..... Milkshake

Mrupupup visited the new food venture known as 'Once Upon a Rosti' at AXA Tower, Shenton Way, Basement 1-15. The shops sells the European pan fried potato food known as Rosti. The shop has an interesting name and is the same managment that brought us the food concept 'Once Upon a Milkshake' - which sells milkshake. The Rosti shop is nice and sells different types of rosti with sausages, bacon, eggs, ham, vegetables. If you ask Mrupupup, the shop served up pretty good rosti. After enjoying the rosti, Mrupupup later went to the nearby 'Once Upon a Milkshake' store at Maxwell Chambers (near to Tanjong Pagar MRT). Had a pretty good red velvert cake with ice cream (wah... very very nice cake and ice cream pairing!!) and very thick chocolate milkshake. By the way, Mrupupup had a receipt that showed that the server was Fairy Godmother - pretty cute (check out the photo below). Do visit these two stores in the evening for Shentown Way becomes much less busy. Good day and may the Fairy Godmother visits you in your dreams. For Mrupupup, may my dreams come true! Food dreams I mean....

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