Monday, August 20, 2012

United Neighbours Society Mediacorp TV Filming with Quan Yi Feng权怡凤 & Guo Liang郭亮

United Neighbours Society filming was done in the housing estate and Mrupupup happened to be around to take some photos and one video of their filming. The United Neighbours Society is a variety programme by Singapore's Mediacorp channel and helmed by the two TV hosts Quan YiFeng 权怡凤 and Guo Liang 郭亮. The whole TV show was taped in the housing estate and they spent the whole day at this housing estate just to paint two mock up durians! Wow! Anyway, just take a look at the celebrity hosts Quan Yi Feng权怡凤 and GuoLiang 郭亮, they are two hard working TV hosts trying very hard with their teams to win with their creation of the mock up durians. Very interesting to watch them produce a variety TV show in the middle of a HDB housing estate. Also got one picture of Chew Chor Meng 周初明 in the vicinity.

A video

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