Saturday, October 6, 2012

Max Brenner Chocolate Shop

Max Brenner Chocolate Shop serves very nice chocolate drinks. Mrupupup went to the 112 Katong branch (#01-05) of Max Brenner and had a hot chocolate drink (about $6-7). The taste of hot chocolate drink was full of flavour in the special Hug Mug and loved the taste of cocoa in the mouth. Very nice! Service was good and fast. This outlet was not very crowded during weekend evening time and Mrupupup just enjoyed the hot chocolate drink sip by sip. Very nice way to pass the evening and listening to people's conversations while they enjoyed the wonders of chocolate. Mrupupup saw a particular group of ladies pouring over hot chocolate on their lava cake. Just pure 'bliss' watching the hot chocolate melting in theirlava cake.... oooooooo very nice! Life is beautiful when there is chocolate!

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