Friday, October 19, 2012

Over hot chocolate...

Over hot chocolate at Wimby Lu Cafe, my discussion did went well. The hot chocolate was dark with marshmallow bits in the drink. So was my discussion with my mate, the conversation touched on raw topics with sweetness in between.

Wimby Lu was really crowded today. The place was filled with young 'workies' (working adults, who work all day like zombies). Singapore is filled with many 'workies'. All 'workies' strive to earn as much money as possible so as to spend it away in cafes like Wimbly Lu having latte, waffles with cheesecake ice cream and crème brulee with chocolate top.

As Mrupupup sat at one spot in Wimby Lu, the conversation nearby was of life's possibilities. One workie was saying to another: "Let's go and buy a house, the property market is hot." The other workie replied: " Oh no! My life will be a slave to the banks." Oh man, the realities of life bites hard.

The next table was a pair of young workies. They sat down in Wimby Lu and ordered very thin slices of bread with cucumbers, tomatoes and capsicum. Mrupupup wondered why workies ate so less, maybe due to stress. One workie played with a compact camera which operated on film still, while the other workie played with the food on the platter. The two workies enjoyed glances and expressed their troubles over thin slices of bread. Their conversations did go on about their bosses, their terrible deadlines and hoped for the best in their situations.

Mrupupup enjoyed the hot classic chocolate and the wonderful taste of freshly made waffle with vanilla ice cream. Life rolls on no matter what happens to anybody. Mrupupup enjoyed the simple pleasures of sitting down in Wimbly Lu and watched lives intertwined. Pretty interesting to sit down at Wimbly Lu, too bad that day there was a strand of hair stuck in the vanilla ice cream. Wimbly Lu boss was nice and changed the whole set of waffle and ice cream. Mrupupup remained watching the waiters busy with orders and smelled the sweet aroma of chocolate in the air of Wimbly Lu.

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