Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rocket at Upper Seletar Reservoir

Mrupupup saw a Rocket in Singapore! The Rocket is at Upper Seletar Reservoir! Actually, this Rocket structure oversees the whole of Upper Seletar Reservoir catchment area and you can also see glimpses of the Singapore Zoo nearby. Mrupupup managed to climb to the top of the rocket and capture a 360 view & video of the Upper Seletar Reservoir. This reservoir was built in the 1940. The Japanese War in 1941 destroyed the reservoir but was subsequently repaired. The originally named Seletar Reservoir was rebuilt in the 1960s and enlarged by 35 times. It was opened officially in 1969 by Princess Alexandra who represented the Queen of England for the 150th anniversary to celebrate Singapore as England's trading post. This Rocket was like a fantasy and climbing up the spiral gives Mrupupup a feeling of getting ready to blast off into space. Indeed, the Rocket tower served as heritage site for Singapore and bears memories of the good times people had when they were in the Seletar Reservoir area. Took some pictures & video and enjoy the serenity of Upper Seletar Park with its famous 1969 Rocket structure.


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