Saturday, October 26, 2013

Titans of the Past - Dinosaurs & Ice Age Mammals Exhibition at Singapore Science Centre

Singapore Science Centre has opened a new Dinosaurs exhibition on 24 Oct 2013. Mrupupup was happy to get invited to see the preview of the dinosaur exhibition - thank you organisers.

The exhibition named "Titans of the Past - Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals" is at the Singapore Science Centre (The Annexe) till next year February. Mrupupup was totally amazed by the huge dinosaurs exhibits and fossils specially curated by world renowned palaeontologist Dr Jack Horner. Dr Jack Horner is the man behind the 'life like' dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic Park. This showcase of fossils and dinosaurs is the first time in Asia.

Mrupupup loved the T-Rex dinosaurs which came with motion and real sounds (which Mrupupup captured in the video below). There are other huge exhibits of Argentinosaurus ( a huge plant eating dinosaur with long neck), Giganotosaurus (a carnivore dinosaur) and 10 animatronics animals from the Ice Age depicting scenes of their habitats. Go see the exhibit and it will end on 24 February 2014. Admission charges applies to the exhibition - $20 for Adults and kids starting from $16. Open daily 10am to 6pm.

Singapore Science Centre is near to the Jurong East MRT Station - take buses 335 and 66 to stop at the Science Centre or take a 10 minutes walk to the Science Centre.


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