Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ramen Monster at Novena Square Velocity

The Ramen Monster shop is a Japanese Ramen Noodle shop on the ground floor of Novena Square Velocity (238 Thomson Road Novena Square Velocity #01-53). The ramen restaurant was a small place with very colourful comic murals. Mrupupup ordered regular size of Tonkotsu Ramen $8.90. The shop also sells type of other ramen (menu below). Good that there was no service charge & GST on the menu prices.

The colourful wall mural made up for an interesting eating experience and the ramen took about 6 minutes to arrive. The ramen noodle here was tender & chewy and it was good. Mrupupup got a choice of regular fatty or lean char siew meat. The wonderful thing was the shop gave one full egg with nice yolk inside! The soup was yummy and the best thing was it had no MSG!!!!! Mrupupup hates the after taste of MSG which makes one super in need of water after eating ramen. Some shops in Singapore selling ramen could have so much MSG that Mrupupup would be in need of water for the whole day!

Signature Tonkotsu Ramen - Mrupupup drank every drop. Slurp!!! Mrupupup felt not thirsty indicating that the soup was pure goodness without any silly short cuts in making the soup. Waaahhhhh, Mrupupup has changed to Ramen Monster!!!!!


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