Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bee Guan Coffee Shop Orange Peel Sour Plum Drink

Bee Guan's orange peel with sour plum is a very refreshing drink. Mrupupup went to this stall named Bee Guan coffee stall at Whampoa Market # 01-23 two times to try out this drink. Mrupupup's verdict - best drink in Singapore on a hot day! The drink was very nice and pretty cheap at $1.50 with a large amounts of orange peel and came in two cups of cold water. Great value for money and fantastic on a hot day in Singapore! Oh, the uncle that sells the drink is quite a generous man. Just have a chat with him and he would tell you many stories of people ordering his orange peel drink. He would also top up your drink for free with more cold water if you need.

See the large amounts of orange peel on top of the sour plum drink
Uncle preparing the drink

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