Monday, January 13, 2014

Genki Sushi at Chinatown Point

Mrupupup has been going to this Genki Sushi outlet at Chinatown Point - 133 New Bridge Road (#02-33). Mrupupup loved the smart high tech system in place to order for the Japanese dishes. One could get a little excited when the food train comes with the food and a bit of fun by ordering using the Ipad provided. Just order and the food train would deliver pretty fast within a few minutes.

Mrupupup ordered the fresh sushi, tempura rice bowl and the sushi rice bowl. The sushi served by Genki Sushi always tasted 'fresh'. The sushi rice bowl with prawns, fish roe, tuna sushi and swordfish sushi. Mrupupup also liked the tempura rice bowl with the crispy fried pieces of prawn, eggplant, mushroom and pepper. Genki Sushi also provides comfortable sitting and has cups of water (self service).

The prices were decent: rice bowls about $7.80, sushi about $2 and handroll with sushi about $2.30.

Enjoy sushi with high tech trains!

Yummy salmon handroll
High Tech food train!
Yummy sushi!
Smoked duck sushi with honey mustard

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